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Craig Taborn takes up each solo like it’s now or never for reinventing the hierarchy between what is about settlement and what is about path. A fixed-explosive beauty. On the one side, he works each tone carefully, like a thin layer of sound, and each space like a reflection. On the other side, he shapes the thickness until he tears off the desired splinters, just like a stone carver, letting us catch a glimpse of some melody stuck in the block, and superimposing distances in a multispeed rhythmic flow… The magician-improviser likes to make shapes appear and disappear inside other shapes, as so many germination processes that end up invading his piano like ivy… An astounded and astounding music without artifice. The place of every metamorphosis.



To listen to Amina Claudine Myers playing solo (trying, venturing), is always like diving into the depths of time. And for good reason(s). The sharp, lively and sensual pianist, also known as "Miss Rhythm" among the AACM, delves into music History, past, present and future, traditional and experimental, popular and avant-garde, secular and sacred, while releasing sometimes a red-hot voice, almost a verbal flow, between Gospel and glossolalia. A striking, nearly haunting, experience.

"Down on me"_SAMAROU (Amina Records)