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Thursday 28 January
Théâtre Antoine Vitez - Scène d'Ivry
1, rue Simon Dereure 94200 IVRY-SUR-SEINE
+33 (0)1 46 70 21 55

Metro line 7, stop Mairie d’Ivry.
RER C, stop Gare d’Ivry.
By car: The theatre is next to Hotel de Ville (City Hall), wherever you come from, follow “Centre-Ville” (City Center)


ÉLISE CARON - flute, vocals | EDWARD PERRAUD - guitar, electronics, drums, percussions

The CV of these pioneering artists would send a smoke screen up, more than it would enlighten us regarding their common trajectory. The latter is a vocalist/flutist/comedian/texture explorer, the former is a drummer/percussionist/performer with a dandy-ish streak. Together, they push and encourage each other rhythmically, but also rein each other in, with exquisite tenderness. She’s Elise Caron, he’s Edward Perraud. As a duo, they create exquisite, hypnotic miniatures, and there is always something strange about them. And it’s the most charming thing to watch them get lost together, unveiling new, intimate and arcane territories. Elise and Edward embrace paradoxes the way others might embrace a cause. Powerfully. Elegantly.

Album release: Dec. 11, 2020, « Happy Collapse » (Quark Records)

Happy Collapse - Rêve d'Horloge

DIDIER PETIT "LES MONDES D'ICI" Un ensemble intercontinental d’ici et maintenant

DIDIER PETIT - cello, conception & direction | ADEL SHAMS EL DIN - riq | DRAMANE DEMBÉLÉ FULA - flute, kora | HU’O’NG THANH - vocals & đàn bầu | PABLO NEMIROVSKY - bandoneón | JIYUN SONG - daegeum | YAPING WANG - yangqin | RAMÓN LÓPEZ - drums, tabla | MIKE LADD - vocals & electronics | ALEXEÏ AÏGUI - violin | LUCIE TAFFIN - accordion | OLIVIERDARNÉ - beekeper

Beware. Contrary to almost all appearances, Didier Petit is not exactly a musician. He’s a believer – a practicing one. Picture him as a Dada spawn, an old-fashioned flâneur, a performer always plotting a few moves ahead. Improvised music? Not so much a genre as a mood to be tirelessly, relentlessly worked on, there and then – right on the spot. Les mondes d’ici is a brilliant illustration of such blessedly original ways. The cellist has brought together twelve musicians who will solely proceed together, and solely there and then. Here and now. China meets the kora, the accordion brushes up against Korea. Mike Ladd hits the tabla, the violin and cello dance together. A faithful believer in East/West crossings, Didier Petit is generous… and ready to go the extra mile. His kind of music is forged, created and experienced collectively.

Produced by: BASTA, Compagnie d’un instant à l’autre, Festival Sons d’hiver - Département du Val-de-Marne, Le Théâtre Antoine Vitez-Scène d’Ivry, Le Comptoir, Le CNM

Didier Petit is currently in residence in Ivry