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Thursday 4 February
8:30 PM
Le Générateur
16 rue Charles Frérot - 94250 GENTILLY
+33 (0)1 49 86 99 14

Subway : station Place d’Italie, and then take bus 57, Verdun-Victor Hugo station
Suburban line RER B : Gentilly station.
Tramway T3 : Poterne des Peupliers station.
Streetcar : 100 meters from Paris by the Poterne des Peupliers.


JEAN-FRANÇOIS PAUVROS - guitar, vocals | SOPHIA DOMANCICH - piano, Fender Rhodes | CHRISTIANE BOPP - trombone | SYLVAIN KASSAP - clarinets | MICHEL EDELIN - flutes | FRANCK ASSEMAT - barytone saxophone | RASUL SIDDIK - trumpet | XAVIER BORNENS - trumpet | FANNY METEIER - tuba | JEAN-MARC FOUSSAT - synthetizers | DOMINIQUE LEMERLE - double bass | CHRISTIAN LÉTÉ - drums

Well before they were shaken by a damn virus, the French musical venues simmered with the energies of strong minds, devious spirits and an inventive power that the word “prodigy” is not strong enough to render. This era became known as the French Underground. Free jazz elbowed rock music, experimental endeavors all displayed a serious dose of humor, and even sounding boards were political. This Futura Expérience is not just a testament to these times. Far from it. It’s the continuation of an idea initiated by Gérard Terronès, a maker of records and adventures who passed away in 2017. The Futura Expérience finds a new life here thanks to a group of musicians whose driving values are humanity, freedom, and the unadulterated joy of playing together.

“The idea of a Big Band called FUTURA EXPERIENCE emerged during a conversation between guitarist Jean-François Pauvros and Futura records producer Gérard Terronès: they wanted and needed to unite, in a libertarian spirit, emblematic musicians who had played a significant part in the bustling, agitator scenes in the 1960s through 1980s, as well as others who belong to the following generations. The FUTURA EXPERIENCE is both a traditional and an experimental band, spectacular in its musical and visual colors, and the number of its participants can wildly vary”  Gérard Terronès

Album release: 2021, Futura Expérience (Les éditions du Générateur)

Futura Experience - Machine Gun (J. Hendrix)