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Friday 5 February
Théâtre Jean-Vilar
Place Jean-Vilar 94400 VITRY-SUR-SEINE
+33 (0)1 55 53 10 60

Metro line 7, stop Villejuif - Louis Aragon then bus line 172 (towards Créteil-L’Échat), stop MAC VAL or bus line 80 (towards Charenton-Écoles), stop Camélinat.
Metro line 7 or Tramway line T3 stop Porte de Choisy then bus line 183, stop MAC VAL
RER C, stop Gare de Vitry-sur-Seine then bus line 180 (towards Villejuif), stop Hôtel de Ville - Roger Derry


KAHIL EL’ZABAR - percussions, vocals | DAVID MURRAY - saxophone | EMMA DAYHUFF - double bass | JUSTIN DILLARD - piano, keyboards

Spirit Groove – the name suits them perfectly, for it’s the spirit of groove they channel by immersing us in the history of the genre and exploring the limits and possibilities of spirit jazz. Kahil El’Zabar sees it as an “improvised popular uprise”. Not bad, eh? Fiery groove and humble devotion go together thanks to David Murray’s colossal sax performances. And a quartet is born, whose eponymous album, released in June 2020, compiled splendid moments recorded in June 2019 in Chicago. El’Zabar and Murray dialogue with double bassist Emma Dayfuff, from Herbie Hancock’s band, and Justin Dillard, a close collaborator of Junius Paul’s, who has often taken part in our festival. The four Spirit Groove musicians will take you over, body and soul. Quite a thrilling challenge – and a captivating performance.

Kahil El’Zabar - Necktar

ANTHONY JOSEPH presents 'The Rich are Only Defeated When Running for their Lives

INÉDIT. the first international performance of songs from the forthcoming album
ANTHONY JOSEPH - spoken word, poetry | ROGER RASPAIL - percussions | FLORIAN PELLISSIER - piano | ANDREW JOHN - bass | THIBAUT REMY - guitare | DENYS BAPTISTE - saxophone/ JASON YARDE - saxophone (TBC) | BRANDALISE TITO - drums

Of sound and fury. Anthony Joseph is the kind of musician who projects his narratives very far, and isn’t afraid to go all out – bucking contemporary trends. The spoken-word artist tirelessly sets his Caribbean roots ablaze and breathes white-hot joy into the political issues he broaches in his poetry. Calypso, Funk, Great Black Music and Carnival rhythms all come together. An expert MC, he knows how to lead its troops and get them to rejoice in words and sounds. Bolstered by masters such as Roger Raspail, his sidekicks Jason Yarde and Andrew John, this secular preacher who is something of an enchanter summons past ancestry and current audiences during a salutary, universal celebration.