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Friday 22 January
8:30 PM
Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
Espace Culturel André Malraux (ECAM)
2, place Victor Hugo - 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
+33 (0)1 49 60 69 42

Metro line 7 stop Le Kremlin-Bicêtre.
By car: At Porte d’Italie, take the RD7 (650 meters approx.), towards Villejuif. When you get t the metro station, make a right (avenue Eugène Thomas), then 1st street on your left by the lights (rue Jean Monnet).


MARILYN MAZUR - composition, percussions | JOSEFINE CRONHOLM - vocals, percussions | LOTTE ANKER - saxophones | HILDEGUNN ØISETH - trumpet | LIS WESSBERG - trombone | MAKIKO HIRABAYASHI - piano, keyboards | IDA GORMSEN - electric bass | LISBETH DIERS - congas, percussions / ANNA LUND - drums

Appearances can be misleading, sometimes very much so. Take Shamania – you’d think it’s a little Shamanic guide, wouldn’t you? Well it isn’t – not quite. Shamania is a community. A female, ritual, organic, wild community. A micro-nation of musicians brought together by Marilyn Mazur, a remarkable musician who is still too little known in France in spite of illustrious collaborations with Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Jan Garbarek and John Tchicai.

Mazur, who has had a triple life – as a hitter, a dancer and a performer – now reactivates with Shamania the driving principle of her Primi Band, a girls’ band created in 1983, the golden age of European musical theater.

Just as mysterious and lyrical as the original Primi Band used to be, Mazur’s new formation allows her to revisit her compositions while still striving to create a lively, warm music, feeding on ageless, limitless energies – a music literally worth gold.

Marilyn Mazur - Shamania - 16 Space Entry Dance


HAMID DRAKE - drums, percussions | MATS GUSTAFSSON - saxophones | LUC EX - double bass | GORAN KAFJEŠ - trumpet

He’s one of the kindliest poltergeists ever. His sidekick draws fiery sounds from his instrument which also allows him to bellow imprecations such as “Fire!” and forge a sound that could make Vulcan dance. The latter was born in Louisiana; he has perfected many a talent and has become an African-American drumming reference. The former is Swedish; he has recorded many an album and is one of the Free scene’s main actors – quite a firestarter, in fact. The latter is an ecstatic drummer, the former a telluric saxophonist. This should allow you to picture the result – what happens when they meet: physical and mystical music, carried by a stormy guitar and an adventurous trumpet, since Luc Ex and Goran Kafješ are the other members of the brand-new quartet. Quite promising.