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Wednesday 5 February
Université Paris 8, Saint-Denis
Rue Guynemer - 93526 SAINT-DENIS

(Building A, Room A072)
The university entrance is across the street from the metro station 

Metro line 13, stop St-Denis Université (towards St-Denis Université).


ALBERT MARCOEUR “Drifting through Marcoeur's writings: meaning, misinterpretation, and nonsense at the heart what is said and what is experienced”


In the tropical hothouse of his own language, Albert Marcoeur does as he pleases, playing with words, vocabulary, syntax, meaning and sounds. He weeds out normalcy, cultivates the wild or flesh-eating flowers of nonsense, plants stories like cacti. And he does it musically – while his tunes may seem simple, they can do anything. Join us for a guided tour of his mental maze!