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Harlem 1926 and the "Fire !!" magazine

musical reading and debate to celebrate the French reprint of "Fire!!" (“FEU !!”)

With the "Zora et Duke" Sextet : Clara Brajtman, reading / Thibaut Merle, tenor sax, clarinet, arrangements / Yann Lupu, trumpet, trombone / Vladimir Médail, guitar, banjo / Carel Cléril, double bass / Clément Brajtman, drums

Debate with : Claire Joubert, English literature teacher / Sylvain Pattieu, historian and writer
Sarah Fila-Bakabadio, historian / Isabella Checcaglini, Ypsilon publishing

New-York 1926. The "Harlem Renaissance" movement is in full swing and opens the doors of more and more venues to Afro-American artists. While Duke Ellington makes the Cotton Club dance, young artists gather together and create the “FIRE!!” magazine. Plastic artist Aaron Douglas, writers Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston are among them. FIRE!! will serve as amplifier to Afro-Americans’ reality and concerns, and shake the infamous "color line" up, along with racial prejudices… thus causing a breach that will pave the way for "Black Power".
Paris 2017. For the first time, “FIRE!!” is translated into French. The "Zora et Duke" orchestra will immerse us in Harlem’s Roaring Twenties, accompanying the magazine’s texts. It will be followed by a debate to shed light on this era when poetry was at one with politics.

Debate organized by Envie de Lire bookshop.