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Aron Ottignon, piano, percussions, FX Pedal / Rodi Kirk, electronics (drum machine, modular synth, sampler, mixing desk, FX) / Sam Dubois, steel drums, percussions

Born in New Zealand and Parisian by adoption, Aron Ottignon, a pianist and composer, comes as a surprise with his original artistic approach. His piano/traditional percussion/electro trio is unrivaled for confusing the issues and involving us in a journey to an intoxicating world of rhythmic, repetitive, off the wall round dances. This music sounds like a spellbinding trance from where wonderful Jazz improvisations are let out. Piano, drum machine, modular synth, steel drums and percussions wonderfully develop in a super kaleidoscopic imaginary world.

Waterfalls in Tanzania Electronica - Starfish


"Tribute to John Coltrane"

Roscoe Mitchell, saxophones / Mazz Swift, violin / Tomeka Reid, cello / Silvia Bolognesi, double bass / Junius Paul, double bass / Vincent Davis, drums

The John Coltrane model – his passion and devotion – has inspired generation after generation of musicians. Like so many, like almost all of them, Roscoe Mitchell was touched by Coltrane’s grace, a so human, and superhuman one… He also played with him, in 1966, at the very start of his career, before he took over his quest and started to question the power of music by himself, arousing genuine energy fields. Doubling one of his usual and most dynamic rhythm sections, Roscoe Mitchell the contortionist is about to break the sound barrier.