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Bal Populaire Italien


FRANSCESCO ROSA. guitar, surdulina, zampogna, tambourine, vocals / FRANCESCO SEMERARO. diatonic accordion, percussions, tambourine, vocals / GIOVANNI SEMERARO. diatonic accordion, tambourine, recorder, clarinet, vocals

It's been three years since Sons d'hiver festival ends with a ball at La Java, historical hotspot of popular music in Paris. This year's popular ball under La Java's Art Deco setting is a half roots/half modern Italian concert with Télamuré. Four South Italian musicians, four "tarantella" specialists who bring into their shows the atmosphere, spontaneity, and popular parties' euphoria from their land. Taratella comes from the South of Italy, Pizzica from Puglia. Far from the concept of traditional folklore entertainment, their repertoire is exclusively made of music, songs or melodies they learned in their village or even their own families. The musicians play with their own personality, their improvising skills, and they develop a rousing groovy rhythm, at once warm and happy. We dance for the sole body pleasure, lighthearted, spontaneously. The ball is vital!

Viva U sonu a Ballu !* Long live the dancing sound!