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Tuesday 4 February
Théâtre Claude Debussy
116, avenue du Général de Gaulle - 94700 Maisons-Alfort
+33 (0) 1 41 79 17 20

RER D, stop Maisons-Alfort Alfortville. Cross the street, take the 2nd street on your left (avenue du Général de Gaulle). The theatre is right by the City Hall.
By car: from Paris, take the A4, 1st exit Maisons-Alfort, straight after Charenton bridge. The theatre is at the corner of avenue du Général du Gaulle & avenue de la République
CAR PARKS 112 av. du Général de Gaulle / 31 av. de la République



Pierre-Antoine Badaroux - alto saxophone | Louis Laurain - trumpet | Benjamin Dousteyssier - baritone and soprano saxophones | Jean Dousteyssier bass clarinet | Antonio Borghini - double bass | Antonin Gerbal - drums

Home is where the syncope is. Snuggly set in the Parisian Jazz Series, Band Housing perform their home-made creation and revisit the history of syncopation. They don’t do it in multimedia libraries, nor in academies; and certainly not in musical schools. Where they usually do it is some local bar in the 18th Parisian arrondissement. The musicians come from the Umlaut Big Bang, and combine popular stock and direct speech while taking on Thelonious Monk, Arthur Blythe or the West-cool Jack Montrose. Now it’s Randy Weston they’ve decided to confront. Exploring his link with Monk, Band Housing focus on the pianist’s cubist side — the one that led him to master uncompromising sound dynamics, while his left hand paid tribute to African-inspired bass. The one you can hear on C.W.Blues, which was recorded in Paris in 1969, with another Frenchie, Henri Texier.



Hermeto Pascoal - keyboards, accordion, flute, objects | Itiberê Zwarg - bass, percussions | André Marques - piano, flute, percussions | Jota P. - saxophone, flutes | Fábio Pascoal - percussions | Ajurinã Zwarg - drums, percussions

This is a secret, Brasilian, bountiful version of a musical shaman. The man is a mystery. Hermeto Pascoal’s true biography remains blurry; it is full of joyful mysteries and happy detours. Musicians such as Airto Moreira, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Duke Pearson, singer Flora Purim, or Miles (Live/Evil, 1971) probably have a few secrets to tell. We do know, however, that Hermeto’s first audience were “cows, birds, and field hands”; the multi-instrumentalist, whose inventivity and discretion are impressive in spite of his paramount importance on the international musical scene, certainly has a few truths to share, but they’re to be found first and foremost in his discography. Both as leader and sideman, the master of modern Brasilian music recorded a vast and varied repertoire. Just as free-flowing as the Amazon, and maybe deeper still.

Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo - Mazinho Tocando no Coreto (No Mundo dos Sons)