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BIG DADDY WILSON - vocals, percussions | CESARE NOLLI - guitar, vocals | PAOLO LAGRAMANDI - bass, vocals | NIK TACCORI - drums

Born and raised in a small agricultural town in North Carolina, Big Daddy Wilson decided to become a musician after he went to a Blues concert, although he had started as a poet writer. Most importantly, in a few years, he became one of the most uncommon representatives of a truly eternal music: the Blues which he embodies more than he performs, with a nonpareil conviction and emotional power. The grain of his voice, his generous baritone range, propel a disarming singing with a compelling appeal.


Piste 01


ERIC BIBB - guitares, lead vocal | STAFFAN ASTNER - guitar | NEVILLE MALCOM - accoustic and electric bass | PAUL ROBINSON - drums

Nowadays Bluesmen remain the chroniclers of our lives, but they went from implicit to explicit. Just like Eric Bibb and his Migration Blues where he takes on the disaster of refugees running away from war zones, and their disturbing similarity with the great migration of millions of Afro-Americans running away from segregation and economic misery of the rural South to North industrial cities. Bibb is well placed indeed to remind us that we are all sons and daughters of immigrants for he settled down to Europe where his native Blues, like native gold, get mixed with Gospel, Soul, Folk, and Country elements, or even Mandingo. A 21st century Bluesman holding on tight to his look-out role.


Blues - Migration Blues


NAPOLEON MADDOX - MC | PIERRE-MARIE HUMEAU - trumpet | MARC BROSSIER - trombone | RAGGY SEVRET - tenor saxophone | PAUL GELEBART - sousaphone | LUDO BOZEC, RÉMI SAVIN - drums

The encounter of Jazz and Hip Hop has now become one of the main branches of the Rap tree. Dancing on that branch, in the wake of other contemporary fanfares that renew the genre, Bad Fat is consisting of horn players and rhythm makers experienced in contemporary popular music (Funk, R’n’B, Dub, Reggae, street music…), who know their basics, from Don Cherry to Public Enemy. This time, they called Rap and beatboxer artist from Cincinnati, Napoleon Maddox, to assist. His smooth and elegant flow innervate his talking-singing-rhythm giving at the frontiers of Soul. All is set for an explosive Swing, groove and flow cocktail.