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Saturday 18 January
Auditorium Jean-Pierre Miquel
Cœur de ville - 98, rue de Fontenay 94300 VINCENNES
+33 (0) 1 43 98 65 00

Metro line 1, stop Château de Vincennes.
RER A, stop Vincennes.

By car: “Périphérique” exit Porte de Vincennes
CAR PARK (INDIGO), 1 avenue de Vorges (open 24/7).


Claudia Solal - vocals | Benoît Delbecq - piano

Delbecq and Solal, Solal and Delbecq – they're all about bridges. The singer and the pianist first bonded within The Bridge, a perfectly streamlined transatlantic network. The two musicians playfully roughed up the Chamber Music poems by James Joyce. And their vast common ground is innervated by the bridges each of them has built between different languages, between respecting the jazz canon legacy while at the same time emancipating from it, between psalmody and strong, uncompromising rhythms. Today, they both share the habit of not keeping any habits.

Hopetown leaves the duo's nest to explore everything the jazz field has to offer. From Solal to Delbecq, from Delbecq to Solal, it's an endless, boundless game of back-and-forth. No planned obsolescence here. Hope, sweet hope.

Album release January 18, 2020, « Hopetown » (RogueArt)



Fred Frith - guitar, piano, composition, direction | Zeena Parkins - accordion, harp, keyboards Charles Hayward - drums, melodica | Xavière Fertin - clarinets | Tilman Müller - trumpet, flugelhorn, piano | Ada Gosling-Pozo - violin | Karoline Höfler - double bass | Camille Émaille - percussions

How on earth can you account for a superlative musician like Fred Frith? How can you account for such a noise pilgrim, in constant conversation with his patron saints Robert Wyatt, Joëlle Léandre, John Zorn, Katia Labèque, the Violent Femmes or Brian Eno? In 30 years, the English guitarist, who settled in New York during the feisty 1980s, became a virtuoso improviser. But Frith is not a lone gunslinger. Sometimes, his sidekick is not a musician... but an image. From a movie, preferably. Take his Eye to Ear project, three albums then developed into an Ensemble: Frith has created an 8-man original movie soundtrack band in order to explore the interplay between sound and vision. Superlatively exhilarating, frightening, and compelling – there's no denying it.