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Thursday 23 January
Théâtre de Choisy-le-Roi
4, Avenue de Villeneuve Saint-Georges 94600 CHOISY-LE-ROI
+33 (0) 1 48 90 89 79

RER C, stop Choisy-le-Roi. Exit by the Seine river, go up the bridge, cross the river, the theater is on your right.
By car: At Porte de Choisy, take the D5 to Carrefour Rouget-de-l’Isle. Make a left. Go under the bridge. The theatre is on your right.


Vincent Courtois - cello and composition | Daniel Erdmann, Robin Fincker - saxophones

Who can seriously claim not to have any serious gaps in their personal knowledge? Maybe your reading of Madame Bovary was long overdue, or you've never finished Remembrance of Things Past, or remained quite impervious to The Red and The Black. “I discovered Jack London quite recently, in the fall of 2016”, offered Vincent Courtois who, while being partial to taking his time, has not forgotten to nurture a close professional relationship with members of his trio Daniel Erdmann and Robin Fincker. So - should we try and picture a version of Martin Eden brought to life by two saxophones and a cello? Could the wilderness exquisitely rendered by Jack be conjured up by a kind of music that usually evokes chamber jazz? Yes, and yes. This trio is familiar with cinematics, and quite able to conjure up images through the ears of the audience. Their fairly recent and well-remembered previous album Bandes originales (2017) is proof enough of their great abilities. And the three musicians and their insatiable curiosity turn London into “a companion from whom you expect new stories each and every day.”

Production: Cie de L’Imprevu. With the support of DRAC île-de-France, Institut Français, Adami and Sacem.

Album release January 24, 2020, « Love of Life » (La Buissonne)

Courtois/Fincker/Erdmann - South of The Slot (Love of Life)

QUATUOR BÉLA & ALBERT MARCOEUR "Si oui, oui. Sinon non."

Albert Marcœur - lyrics, percussions, compositions

Quatuor Bela: Julien Dieudegard - violin | Frédéric Aurier - violin | Julian Boutin - viola | Luc Dedreuil - cello

Four bows: strings -- but also cords. Vocal cords. Thus making up a quintet. And this polyglot formation is capable of anything and everything, as long as it's blatantly norm-free. Or rather, as long as it favours the road less traveled. Albert Marcoeur and the Béla Quatuor have been down many a winding road together over more than a decade, and they've always been keen to drill into repertoires, to see what came out. Iconoclastic, pulsating rock musicians, doing away with classic stuffiness. Béla and Albert sail together, and the waters are barely choppy – in spite of the squally record industry, larger-than-life shows, magnificent gusts of inspiration (Machina Memorialis by Anne Bitran), and an overall free-flowing spirit allowing them to address every issue... or none at all, and simply channel the spirit of the time, as they do on the brilliant Si oui, oui. Sinon non. They make the most of everything: a path to school, flies buzzing around, or the humdrum of train platforms.