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Friday 22 February
8 pm
Maison des Arts
Place Salvador Allende 94000 CRÉTEIL
+33 1 45 13 19 19

SUBWAY : line 8, Créteil-Préfecture station. Take the way-out on your right. Pass the mall. Take the way-out gate 25 (near Carrefour supermarket). Arriving Place Salvador Allende. Venue is at the end of the square.
ROAD : go to Porte de Bercy. Take the A 4 road, Nancy-Metz direction, Créteil-Sénart access road. Head to Créteil-Centre, then Mont-Mesly Hôtel de Ville.
FREE PARKING near City Hall below venue.
FREE RETURN TRIP SHUTTLE to Châtelet and Bastille (subject to availability) 


EVE RISSER - composition, piano, keyboards, flute, vocals | ANTONIN-TRI HOANG - alto saxophone, clarinets, keyboards, vocals | SAKINA ABDOU - saxophones, recorder, percussions | GRÉGOIRE TIRTIAUX - baritone saxophone, gembri | NILS OSTENDORF - trumpet, keyboards | MATTHIAS MÜLLER - trombone | TATIANA PARIS - guitar | EMMANUEL SCARPA - drums, percussions | FANNY LASFARGUES - electro-acoustic bass, effects, vocals | MELISSA HIÉ - balafon, djembe, vocals | OPHÉLIA HIÉ - balafon, vocals, dun | OUMAROU BAMBARA - djembe, goni, balafon

The whiteness of the desert displayed at Sons d'hiver 2016 is followed by its version in red. If the first had the appearance of December, with the rocks punctuating the snowy plains, Eve Risser traces the second with the sands of the Sahara, oral traditions and an intimate concern for the real world. And thus revamps her White Desert Orchestra, like a patient weaver knitting "a sweater made of percussive red sand and contemporary European jazz.” The pianist, figurehead of the new improvised European scene, intertwines within the Red Desert Orchestra, the powers of emotion, the strength of images and patient improvisations where each musician, multi-instrumentalist, moves on stage to rework the group's sound cards.

With the support of Dynamo of Banlieues Bleues



STEVE COLEMAN - alto saxophone | ROMAN FILIU - tenor saxophone | MIKE MCGINNIS - clarinets | JONATHAN FINLAYSON - trumpet | SYLVAINE HÉLARY - flute | HENRY WANG - violin | MATT MITCHELL - piano | GREG CHUDZIK - bass

Another perfect example of what creation holds as a legacy. Steve Coleman summons the "spontaneous compositions" theorized by Charles Mingus at the brilliant turn of the 50s and 60s, to establish his native eclipse. Funny for a blower who has never really had the durability of a comet; who, for 20 years, has been trying to live in the opposite place to what jazz expects from him; stubbornly destroys the walls of his house for the pleasure of rebuilding them. Renowned among both scholars and syncopators, revolutionary author of the M'Base program, the saxophonist is experienced in recalibrating rhythmic forms and vertigo. Animating everything with energy drawn not from the shadows of the ancients but from their guiding light, without the slightest fear of seeing himself disappear in some eclipse.

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