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FABRICE VIEIRA SOLO "Qui verra Vieira"

FABRICE VIEIRA. guitar, vocals, electronics, toys, percussions

Fabrice Vieira considers solo performance as an autobiography, thesis and antithesis of the self, the "daydream of an amusician, mish-mash-mixed up between impertinence and imperformance where speech competes with vocals and humor competes with music". The man who says so could be a fugitive, formerly enlisted in Compagnie Lubat, but as conscientious objector, a skip out specialist, on the wings of Prince or Joao Gilberto, Jimi Hendrix or György Ligeti. Using some fifty songs of many origins, spiced up with men and women speeches from different walks of life and lowlife, the guitarist joyfully picks up, according to his needs or desires, whatever can feed a bizarre, playful and poetic sound traffic. Music delightedly curls up inside, like a question and a pleasure.




First of all, they are bold, very bold. And the generation gap between an epic European Jazz drummer and one of the leading French musicians of the new generation, is indeed the sign and symbol of a deeper continuity, of links and connections invented by Jazz. The purpose here is the confrontation between two soloists at heart and heavy-duty improvisers. One has a very powerful, very rocking style, enhanced with a broad-spectrum of unheard tone colors; the other has the salutary energy and rhythm caprices of a brass man fully aware of the lyrical range, and even thoughtful states. Bound to meet each other, this duo of our time is a cheerful redesign of certainties and uncertainties, of music listening and its rules. Challenge. Boldness.