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Sunday 19 January
MAC VAL – Musée d’art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne
Place de la Libération 94400 VITRY-SUR-SEINE
+33 (0) 1 43 91 64 20

Metro line 7, stop Villejuif - Louis Aragon then bus line 172 (towards Créteil-L’Échat), stop MAC VAL or bus line 80 (towards Charenton-Écoles), stop Camélinat.
Metro line 7 or Tramway line T3 stop Porte de Choisy then bus line 183, stop MAC VAL
RER C, stop Gare de Vitry-sur-Seine then bus line 180 (towards Villejuif), stop Hôtel de Ville - Roger Derry

FRED FRITH "Composing for images"

In co-production with the Jean-Vilar theater in Vitry s / Seine, the MAC VAL.


FILM SCREENING (90 minutes)
A documentary by Thomas Riedelsheimer, soundtrack by Fred Frith

LECTURE/Q&A with Fred Frith (60 minutes)

"Drawing Sound" by Fred Frith and Heike Liss

As we mentioned earlier, Fred Frith has often let his own experimental field brush against cinema and the visual arts. Whether he – barely – let his secrets out for the camera in Step Across the Border (Penzel and Humbert, 1990) or improvised in front of a silver screen, the guitarist has relentlessly explored the connections between music and images, playing around with structures the way others tinker with movie editing. This also defines his and Thomas Riedelsheimer's process on Leaning into the Wind (2018), a movie portrait of Land Art pioneer Andy Goldsworthy.

When confronted with images, the guitarist's flow in turn confronts the feeling of urgency created by the moving frame. The talk Composer pour l'image (Composing for images), lifts a corner of the veil to reveal a glimpse of his personal creative process. From movie images, Fred Firth then naturally turned to living images, and live creations during performances – which he sets out to do here alongside artist Heike Liss, who also improvises to create striking sound images called Klangbilder. During their joint performance, Drawing Sound, Liss sketches out what can be seen as a concrete form of the soundscape created by Frith, who in turn responds to the visual artist's cues.