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"Busking" is the music of the streets and is also the one you play in your head, the one that haunts you for good or wrong reasons. By devoting their new duet to these refrains, Hélène Labarrière and Hasse Poulsen offer an improvised reinterpretation of tunes in all their forms; French ones, Scandinavian ones, or from the American mythology. The double bass and guitar players serve as guides in territories too nice to be honest and sources of many twists in the situation... So what better way than those fraternal twins, those two strings instruments, to evoke these strangely familiar tunes?



JACQUES REBOTIER. text, music, vocals / JEAN-FRANÇOIS PAUVROS. guitare électrique, voix / ANNE GOURAUD. double bass / ELSA MOATTI. violin, voix

Jacques Rebotier is affiliated with the crazy family of words and brain smashers.  He's on his way to an eclectic spoken word recital. And so you will hear original compositions taken from his "132 Brèves pour musicien-parlants" as well as others borrowed from the most heterogeneous repertoire, from "L'Eté pas bien" a la Joe Dassin to overplayed classics like "La Jument de Michao" or "Un oranger sur le sol irlandais". He kneads these songs until the music turns from tonal to atonal and noisy, while the lyrics turn to red or green, colors of the ecologist social critique. By the way, who is Pamela?

Production: voQue - cie granted by the Ministère de la Culture et de la communication - DRAC Île-de-France and by SACEM. Co-production: Cité de la Voix, Festival Sons d'hiver, Théâtre d'Ivry - Antoine Vitez, Théâtre Jules Julien. Support : Conseil Départemental du Val-de-Marne, ADIAM 94, Aide à la résidence de compositeur SACEM (Ongoing) ADAMI, SPEDIDAM