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"Explore, Explove"
HUBERT DUPONT - basses, fx | DENUS GUIVARC’H - sax, live electronics | TOSHA VUKMIROVIC - clarinets, kaval, fx PIERRE MANGEARD - drums | PATRICK CHARTOL - VJ’ing

With "Explore, Explove", Hubert Dupont has opened a new chapter of his work as an art explorer, mindful of all possibilities, untroubled by all taboos. This time, our acrobat of parallel languages and constraint games rubs shoulders with Patrick Chartol’s VJ’ing, a master in handling digital images, paintings and varnishes, lights and Plexiglas, transforming films, animated photos, going back and forth between all these technologies. In this "psychedelic-jazz show", or poetical surprise trip, music finds in the screen the reflection of its wildest melodic colors, its golden rules of mysterious rhythms, and its imagination.



Bernard Lubat - keyboards - vocals - drums | Fabrice Vieira - guitar - vocals - noises | Thomas Boudé - guitar | Jules Rousseau – bass guitar | Louis Lubat - drums | Raphaël QUENEHEN - saxophones

Guests: LUTHER FRANÇOIS - tenor saxophone | ALFRED VARASSE - percussions

Being a society of pirates, it is not surprising to see La Compagnie Lubat crossing the ocean to hook up with West Indian musicians. Indeed, a reciprocity of exchanges and animal spirits between two places of the “Whole-World” recently developed, especially since Édouard Glissant, the writer, enjoyed more and more to visit Uzeste. With the help of Luther François and his talking tenor, sounding silky and dynamic, and Alfred Varasse, master of the bélé drums full of quimbois Voodoo, they play, they talk about emancipating from all forms of servitude, they speak about dancing and make you dance, they speak about meetings and get you acquainted. A music filled with contrasts that’s free in every direction.