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MIKE LADD. vocals / HPRIZM. MC, laptop, keyboards / JEFF PARKER. guitar / DAVID FRAZIER. drums

Mike Ladd's rap is less a specific kind (there are shades of dub, punk, free, even psychedelic funk-rock) than a wide symbolic and utopic range weapon. It helps making us even more aware of the "afterfuture" in which we already live, this great present time full of continuously replayed past, and dreamed futures and prospects. His new project called ILLTET or The Ill Quartet (because the band is "sick as in illmately good"), gathers HPrizm, from the Anti-Pop Consortium, and Jeff Parker from Tortoise. Their first record superbly runs in between linear speech and digressions, discrepancy and drifting. And for good reason: these four musicians are deeply involved in the art of total improvisation, able to rapidly link micro and macro-level, to tell moving stories, and to move the stories they tell.



MARC RIBOT. guitar / SHAHZAD ISMAILY. guitar, bass, electronics / CHES SMITH. drums, percussions

He is one of the key figures of downtown New York scene, an incredibly bold musician with a coolness that makes him so special. A key figure and a long time shadowy figure in Tom Waits band. After all, what other guitarist can claim he has played with Jack McDuff and Tricky, Alain Bashung and Don Byron, Caetano Veloso and John Zorn? And who else can perform/transform Arsenio Rodriguez, Laurie Anderson or Albert Ayler music? The man has manipulated Cuban music, crawled in the skid-rows of noise music, conceived a concerto for electric guitar and symphonic orchestra in the celestial sphere while staying true to that jazz music he loves so much and plays with an incredible eloquence. But he never founded a "power trio" before. Ceramic Dog makes up for this oversight and in what extraordinary way...