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WILLIAM PARKER - double bass | COOPER-MOORE - piano | ROB BROWN - alto saxophone | HAMID DRAKE - drums

William Parker, act I. For this outstanding opening night, Sons d’hiver greets the links that have been forged years ago between our festival and this great musician. William Parker, a perfect blend of poet, wise man, clown, revolutionary, pacifist, and pantheist has a background that merges into the contemporary History of creative music, as illustrated with In Order to Survive, an intervention and alarm unit. Tonight’s program: Criminals in the White House since 1776…      
If History keeps repeating itself, In Order to Survive rather improves through thick and thin; rather ventures to a world that is still waiting for a transformation already at work in music.

Urban Disruption Jazz - Meditation / Resurrection [Disc 2]


WILLIAM PARKER - double bass | COOPER-MOORE - organ | JAMES BRANDON LEWIS - tenor saxophone | HAMID DRAKE - drums

William Parker, act II. The Organ Quartet program: The Language of Cosmic Truth promises friendly battles and telluric grooves. With the help of James Brandon Lewis and his warm tenor, William Parker slams doors and windows in the House of Music. With the help of Cooper-Moore and his whimsical organ, he moves the furniture. With the help of Hamid Drake and his glut of drums, he makes legs and tongues dance. With a historical consciousness that doesn’t live in the past, a political consciousness devoid of dogmatism, a moral consciousness that doesn’t preach, a poetical consciousness that doesn’t prettify, the present day William Parker, citizen of the Tone World, is an honorary citizen of Sons d’hiver.


Uncle Joe's Spirit House Jazz - Uncle Joe's Spirit House