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Tuesday 19 February
8 pm
Théâtre d’Ivry-Antoine Vitez
1, rue Simon Dereure 94200 IVRY-SUR-SEINE
+33 1 46 70 21 55

SUBWAY : line 7, Mairie d'Ivry terminal station. Take "Robespierre" way-out, and take Marat Street for 150 feet. On your left is "Chemin du Théâtre" heading to Simon Dereure Street. Or take the third way-out "rue Marat" (head of train): "Chemin du Théâtre" is facing you.
ROAD : Go to Porte d'Ivry, Vitry or Choisy, head to "Centre ville". Venue is near City Hall.


SERGE TEYSSOT-GAY electric guitar | KHALED ALJARAMANI oud, chant

In 2018, the Interzone duo entered the studio to record their fourth album Kan Ya Ma Kan, the little hocus-pocus that silences those who listen, an Arab cousin of our "Once upon a time". Khaled Aljaramani and Serge Teyssot-Gay do not grant anything to a neutral repertoire or one full of concessions from their relationship to neutrality. On the contrary, the two musicians of Interzone are building a common syntax, alive and in constant redefinition. This concert is the logical continuation of Serge Teyssot-Gay's first appearances at Sons d'hiver, whether in trio (Collectif Son Libre in 2017) or in sextet (Kit de Survie with Mike Ladd, Akosh S. and Médéric Collignon). For Son Libre (Sons d'hiver 2017), Teyssot-Gay declared, laconic: "We love sound". No denial is expected for this concert.



MAÂLEM MOKHTAR GANIA - guembri, vocals | HAMID DRAKE - drums, percussions | ADAM RUDOLPH - percussions | JAMIE SAFT - keyboards, piano

This quartet could easily betray basic grammar rules by writing "world musics" with an incongruous but very insightful ‘s', as it is woven with ultra-fertile intertwines nourished by local and global traditions, which pass through each individual. So it goes for the crossroads-men who hit here. Hamid Drake and Adam Rudolph founded one of the very first world music groups, after Rudolph's stay in Ghana in 1977, The Mandigo Griot Society. Then, each of them polished his syntax, borrowing from both Tibetan Buddhism and Muslim Sufism. Jamie Saft, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer from New York. Maâlem Mokhtar Gania comes from an Essaouira dynasty and is steeped in his African, Berber and Arab-Muslim heritage and a contagious music based on the constant variations of the heartbeat.