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"Work Songs Music"
Featuring Chris Sholar / Jaleel Shaw

Jaimeo Brown, drums, videos / Chris Scholar, guitar, electronics / Jaleel Shaw, alto saxophone

Jaimeo Brown, a skilled drummer who played with Geri Allen, Q-tip, Carl Craig and Pharoah Sanders, developed the idea of distorting the hip-hop sampling technique with a live trio, using the sounds of Gee’s Band Quilters, Gospel singers-dressmakers of Alabama well known for their patchwork art; work songs (coal miners, stone carvers, railroaders, prisoners…) taken from Alan Lomax’s Herculean ethnomusicologist work. The result is a perpetual game between acoustic, electronics, spectral sounds; a space-time patchwork in a continuous cosmogonic breath. A real ear-opener!

Hidden Angel Jazz - Work Songs