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James Brandon Lewis, tenor saxophone / Luke Stewart, bass / Warren "Trae" Crudup, drums

Sonny Rollins, who once surprised the Jazz scene knighting David S. Ware twenty years ago, named James Brandon Lewis one of the young saxophonists who count today. The man has a grinding on tenor similar to his famous forebear: rolling, running through, unfurling, throwing, sweeping, twisting, temporizing and developing, with a galvanizing energy. Playing. Furthermore, he was initiated by Wadada Leo Smith who helped him understand the continuum of all creative music and their transformative power. Each time the dauntless Lewis gets down to business, he tackles the unknown, takes up the challenge of a new junction between feeling and intelligence. He marks the location where passed experience and present experiment build up in 2017. In complete freedom.

Break II Jazz - Days of FreeMan


Émile Parisien, saxophone / Joachim Kühn, piano / Manu Codjia, guitar / Simon Tailleu, double bass / Mario Costa, drums

Guest : Michel Portal, clarinets

Sfumato is a painting technique that produces a misty effect with hazy edges in a falsely blurred and elastic envelopment of the shapes. Quite a delightful agenda for this fine-tuning of dense, voluptuous, and so silky sound material with improvisations intertwining one another and eventually becoming mixed up. With this new quintet, Émile Parisien restates his well-known imagination power with several generations of improvisers… including some of the giants of European Jazz history (Michel Portal! Joachim Kühn!) who came to play along this team game of flowing and lively music made of resonance, reverberation and contrasts.

Arome De L'air Jazz - Sfumato