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JEMEEL MOONDOC. tenor saxophone / MATTHEW SHIPP. piano / HILLIARD GREENE. double bass / NEWMAN TAYLOR BAKER. drums

Is he a saxophonist or a magician? Let's not forget his ancestry: his name derives from a forefather who was a minstrel-travelling doctor called Moondoctor. His deeply vocalized sound, bearing the clanking stamp of his voice, was compared to Ornette Coleman's astounding laments, Jackie McLean's sense of attack, or Jimmy Lyons' scansion. Miracle-melody maker, Moondoc's alto sax spits rapturous pips, squeezes harmonies until they spread their juice, hurtles down and distends rhythms. With three other New York scene regulars, he nurtures the spirit of Charles Mingus' workshops: their quartet is an assembly of free rumbustious men to say the least. The last time Jemeel Moondoc was seen and heard in Paris dates back to the last millennium. His return is a good news.



DAUNIK LAZRO. baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone / JOE MCPHEE. tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, cornet / JOSHUA ABRAMS. double bass, guembri / GUILLAUME SÉGURON. double bass / CHAD TAYLOR. drums, m'bira

This genuine dream band is the eleventh one to cross The Bridge, this transatlantic network that connects improvisers from here and there, from France and the USA. The lightning McPhee is expectedly unexpected (what will he play? pocket trumpet? valve trombone? alto clarinet? saxophone? which one?), while the sharp Lazro has dropped alto for tenor and baritone sax since their last meetings (and they last for 25 years). These two instrumentalists and their striking yet struck voice are now joined by two bass players-storytellers who share the same love for hypnotical and unpredictable musical forms, for convulsive beauty. One of them even alternates double bass and guembri while the drummer riddles his drum kit and mbira with rattling rhythms, turning the audience upside down.

The Bridge is a transatlantic project dedicated to jazz and creative music that gather French and Chicago based musicians during journeys of musical and extra musical studies.