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Gaspard lanuit, vocals / Boris Boublil, keyboards, guitar / Guillaume Magne, guitar / Jean-Philippe Feiss, bass / Sébastien Brun, drums

THE MOMO’S HORNS : Adrien Amey, saxophone, backing vocals / Fabrice Theuillion, saxophone, backing vocals / Julien Rousseau, trumpet, backing vocals / Judith Wekstein, trombone, backing vocals

It’s been four years since we end the festival with La Java’s ball. This prestigious venue has witnessed the golden era of the dance halls and Paris ballrooms in the Twenties, when dance was the foremost relation to music. In the dance hall, who cares about technology? It’s all about immediate, physical human relationship. This year, it’s Momo’s dance party! These Jazz and modern song musicians take another look at pop music and vintage Rock, covering James Brown, Nino Ferrer, Les Rita Mitsouko, Otis Redding, The Who, Clash, Nirvana and many others … Momo? Who’s that fellow? Without doubt, the buddy you’ll run into at La Java.