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MICHEL PORTAL - saxophone, clarinets, bandoneon | DANIEL HUMAIR - drums | BRUNO CHEVILLON - double bass

They are filed under the category "Giants of Jazz" and other superlatives that neither do them justice nor tell how much music they bear inside; music they’re always ready to share in the never ending game of playing live. Portal, Humair and Chevillon: this cast calls to splendid festivities of mischievous strokes of genius. Like the incarnation even of the meaning of a “musical art”.




MIKE REED - drums | GREG WARD - alto saxophone | BEN LAMAR GAY - cornet TIM HALDEMAN - tenor saxophone JASON STEIN - bass clarinet | JASON ROEBKE - double bass | MARVIN TATE - voice | KIM ALPERT - video 

It was some years ago. The People, Places & Things quartet narrowly escaped a neo-nazi riot in the middle of their European tour. It took Mike Reed years to create a program telling all the ins and outs of this sad case and recover. In other words, the questions of race, alterity, and otherworldliness where life sometimes throws us in. Flesh & Bone’s method is based on the rough and lively mellowness of a Duke Ellington or a Charles Mingus, of the AACM, and of what it means to develop together. Flows of energy. The exercise of freedom in music, despite all opposition – at the other practical end of fascist mobs.


Voyagers Jazz - Flesh & Bone