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MIGUEL ÁNGEL CORTÉS. guitar, compositions / JORGE PÉREZ "EL CUBANO". percussions, palmas / JOSÉ MANUEL FERNÁNDEZ. percussions, palmas

Here are the facts. At the 18th Flamenco Biennale in Sevilla, in 2014, the jury unanimously awarded Miguel Angel Cortés the Giraldillo prize for the quality and maturity of his guitar playing in all Flamenco's discipline. The prize included for the first time the following categories: concert, composition, arrangement, singers' and dancers' accompaniment. This recognition rewarded a man who started to perform at 8, to travel at 14 backing the greatest figures of this living art including Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, Luz Casal, Chiquete and El Pele, and of course Esperanza Fernandez. On this night, you will enjoy and maybe discover the two different sides of his art: a virtuoso soloist and a sensitive accompanist


ESPERANZA FERNÁNDEZ "De lo jondo y verdadero"

ESPERANZA FERNÁNDEZ. vocals / MIGUEL ÁNGEL CORTÉS. musical direction, arrangements, guitar / JOSE MANUEL FERNÁNDEZ. percussions, palmas / JORGE PÉREZ "EL CUBANO". percussions, palmas / DANIEL BONILLA. vocals, palmas / INVITÉE : ANA MORALES. dance

"De lo jondo y verdadero" deals with the question of tradition's authenticity, celebrating historical singers such as Tomás Pavón, Antonio Chacón and La Perla de Cádiz. It comes from a woman with character who also asserted herself with explorations that even lead her to link flamenco and jazz. Born in Triana, Seville's Gipsy quarter, Esperanza Fernández received the legacy of a cantaores family of guitarists and dancers including the key figure of Curro Fernández, her father. Her mother was singer Pepa Vargas and her aunt, dancer Concha Vargas. Her voice is flexible and clear with broad range and tones and a perfect compás. She can alternately sing sweet or rough, veiled or clear because Esperanza Fernández has the perfect control of canto jondo's intensity. Striking.