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Nasheet Waits, drums / Mark Helias, double bass  / Darius Jones, saxophone / Aruan Ortiz, piano

Founded in 2007 by some of the most moving New-York musicians, the Equality quartet has a way to make and build music, to interact, that leads to a different operating procedure between the artists, all specials, all equals. All players. Nasheet Waits, the polymorphic drummer, literally supplies their interplay with nerves, makes the rhythm compass dance with maximum generosity. Equality is the ideal vehicle for a genuine Jazz experience, i.e. take a theme, give a clue, interpret it, extrapolate, imagine, and conclude. Together!

Story Line Jazz - Equality

ERNEST DAWKINS PROPAGANDA NABAGGALA "1917" 100 years of jazz/World Premiere

Ernest Dawkins, direction, saxophone, clarinet / Corey Wilkes, trumpet / Isaiah Collier, saxophone, flute / Steve Berry, trombone / Ben Lamar Gay, electronics, cornet, banjo / Junius Paul, bass / Will Faber, electronics / Reginal Robinson, ragtime piano / Isaiah Spencer, drums, percussions / Soweto Kinch, beat box, poet vocals / Kia Smith, dance / Jonathan Woods, video, document resource

Ernest Khabeer Dawkins, currently president of the AACM, passenger of black Atlantic, from Chicago to Johannesburg and from Paris to London, became one of Great Black Music’s iconic figure. Unequalled in his art of creating powerfully emotional and intensely dramatic socio-musical sagas, he never loses sight of the course of history but doesn’t give up the sheer pleasure to play. After his tributes to Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela on three continents, he now salutes one of the first Afro-American creators – the one Eubie Blake named "the Martin Luther King of music" – Ted James Reese who established Jazz officially in Europe during World War One. And just like James Reese Europe, who made experimental use of banjos, cellos and even ten pianos, Ernest Khabeer Dawkins reuses brass bands instrumentation and mixes it with nowadays' means: spoken words, electronics, interactive video edits… for a total show!