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OMAR SOSA. piano / GUSTAVO OVALLES. percussions

You call it Latin jazz? Fine! But this Latin jazz is more Latin than you think! Composer, arranger, producer, pianist, and percussionist Omar Sosa has learned from the Cuban masters of Conjunto Folklorico Nacional and Chucho Valdes. He travelled Latin America, and especially Ecuador, for a better understanding of African diaspora's musical practices. As for percussionist Gustavo Ovalles, the latter travelled across Venezuelan villages to collect the knowledge of rhythms. On stage, he uses a profusion of small, average, and large percussions that propels music into an orgy of tones and beats. From lively to hypnotic phases, Omar Sosa has his piano and keyboard dialog with this incredible collection of membranophones, drums, and treasures. Their duet makes our heads spin. It sounds like a call to live intensely.