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"Equal Crossing"

Régis Huby, violin / Marc Ducret, guitar / Bruno Angelini, keyboards / Michele Rabbia, drums, percussions

Is this a Jazz quartet, a classical quartet, a magic square? Indeed, these four musicians know what it means to live and interact together. And this is why Régis Huby intentionally named his band Equal Crossing: a symbol of the equality between you and the ones you meet, cross, run into, the ones who go through you. In three movements and seven different pieces, their first opus revitalizes the very idea of the initiatory trip between two magnetic poles. One is the fortunately immoderate attention to detail, tone, and sound syntax. The other is the surprising upsurges, the thousand plateaus. The shapes of music dilute while holding, as if by magic; a very human one.

Equal Crossing, Mvt III, Pt 2: Horizon's Crossing Jazz - Equal Crossing (feat. Marc Ducret, Bruno Angelini & Michele Rabbia)


"New Sanctuary"

Dave Douglas, trumpet / Marc Ribot, guitar / Susie Ibarra, drums, kulintang, electronics

Please welcome three key figures of downtown New-York, as they appear in the eighties, able to translate any modern ramification, denying themselves nothing, not any license. The most diverse trumpet player, the guitarist with a taste for paradoxes, the percussionist in-between everywhere… For this “new sanctuary”, Dave Douglas conceived a set of twelve short compositions, almost outlined. Improvisation, here, is a way of building with any material three of the most toned, most colored musicians, have at their disposal. Chameleons of our time.