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They say he is a virtuoso, in turns dashing and delicate, playing the art of weightlessness. They also say he is a sorcerer of touch with a sense of rhythm and a dizzy spell, using humor and creativity... the whole being poured out with generosity and feeling. Some idea of the ideal piano playing. Roberto Negro, recently brought in the limelight, never ceases to amaze, drawing a deep sense of musically answering back from his memory and whims, and drawing a real kaleidoscope from the treasure of aesthetic forms buried under his fingers...




DAVID MURRAY - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet | ORRIN EVANS - piano | NASHEET WAITS - drums | JARIBU SHAHID - double bass

Guest: SAUL WILLIAMS - poetry, rap

David Murray is a musician who covered the whole area (the infinity?) of Great Black Music, a musician in turns rooted in his cultural background and dramatically open to the world. The prolific « Saxophone Man » played everything, explored all orchestra sizes and instrumentations. However, there is one format he likes better: the canonic quartet. The Infinity Quartet is precisely a reminiscence of his beginnings in California with the Black Music Infinity. After such important guests as Macy Gray or Gregory Porter, David Murray invites tonight the key figure of spoken word: Saul Williams. Next to the saxophonist with the seven league boots, his red-hot talk will be heard even farther.


Mirror Of Youth Tribute to Memo