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LOUIS SCLAVIS - clarinets, saxophones, composer | DOOMINIQUE PIFARÉLY - violin | VINCENT COURTOIS - cello

It looks like this improvised music revitalizes itself with the best contemporary music, or even with Baroque music, while embroidering onto traditional music from everywhere and from nowhere. And it does indeed. But the core of this music has a poetic dimension, sometimes elegiac, just like the peacefulness one would feel in the world as it could be. This is music like a praise of gentleness, of contemplation, accomplished by three partners who perfectly get along to overwhelm us. Make a wish.

Asian Fields Jazz - Asian Fields Variations


STEVE LEHMAN - alto saxophone, composer | HPRIZM - spoken word, electronics | GASTON BANDIMIC - spoken word MACIEK LASSERRE - alto saxophone | CARLOS HOMS - keyboards | CHRIS TORDINI - electric bass | DAMON REID - drums

Sélébéyone, in Wolof, means junction or confluence. And that’s what it is about: a confluence of spoken languages, of Rap, in Wolof and English, of musical idiom and sound textures (contemporary Jazz, New York or Dakar hip hop, sound design and electronic processing), and of cultural origins (North-American, French, Senegalese). All of them in an intense urban form that deals with tomorrow’s Mega-City, sitting astride two continents, where Steve Lehman and Maciek Lasserre’s winding saxophones slip in, like affluents.

Laamb Sélébéyone