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Soirée Ciné-Concert

LOUIS SCLAVIS / BENJAMIN MOUSSAY "The Half-Breed", Allan Dawn, 1916


When he shoots The Half-Breed in 1916, Allan Dawn, one of the great Hollywood director of the silent films era, has already filmed 400 movies. This work is one of the firsts that deal with the Native American/European relationship, through the tormented life of a mixed-race, the very figure of the outcast in the American society when Jazz came into existence and America was trying to forget the Indian wars and Native Americans as well. So, it's not by chance that the hero finds refuge among a traveling music-hall company. The fight for recognition will then take place on another ground: cultural conquest... The Cinémathèque Française had the good idea to order Louis Sclavis this cinema-concert. The man has a vast musical world including elegiac invocation moments, aptly backed by Benjamin Moussay at the parting of romanticism and experiment.

The"Half-Breed" a été restauré en 2013 par La Cinémathèque française et le San Francisco Silent Film Festival


RODOLPHE BURGER "In The Land of the Head Hunters" Edward Sheriff Curtis, 1914

RODOLPHE BURGER. guitare, theremin

Edward S. Curtis is well-known as a photographer thanks to the thousands of shots he made of the North American Indians in the late 19th century, at odds with their common representation as "savages". But this splendor he filmed in 1914 is lesser known and even sunk into oblivion until a belated restoration. The action takes place among the Kwakiutl of the isle of Vancouver, in their village. Native American play their own role with an obvious pleasure. A story of love, jealousy and rivalry that hides an exuberant film riddled with rituals, fantastic masks, and wonderful animal adornments. Rodolphe Burger got on with a red-hot music that recalls the rush into a trance, sampling American folk songs and traditional Native American chants to create a soundtrack like a feelings magnifier.

Granted for the music recording by: Rutgers, Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

Production : Cie Rodolphe Burger. La Cie R. Burger is granted by Fonds de dotation agnès b. pour la permanence artistique and by Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Direction régionale des Affaires culturelles d'Alsace.