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"Escape Lane"

Ben Lamar Gay, trumpet / Jeff Parker, electric guitar / Joachim Florent, double bass / Denis Fournier, drums

The return of The Bridge adventures, a transatlantic Jazz and creative music network, between France and Chicago. Escape Lane does not play on dry land but courts Lady Luck. These sailors (improvisers) do not need any compass to find out where they are heading; all they have to do is follow the rivers’ wave that is the very substance of their music. In fact, it seems as if their music was a magnifying glass to see and hear the germs and gems of a blooming sound material… And they never miss the lyrical element in the course of an enchanting improvisation, of a chanting improvisation.



David Torn, guitar / Tim Berne, saxophone / Ches Smith, drums

Tonight is the union between the stratospheric guitarist who produces the most fascinating textures with pedals, loops and strings and works wonders in so many soundtracks; the sharp and restless saxophonist; and the prominent, secretive and frantic percussion Sphinx from New York. Together, they know how to deal with sound installations, spatialization and their corollary transitions. They deliver a powerfully narrative music that is truly kinematic, filled with twists and turns, turnarounds, recoveries (or not), answers and outcomes; from an almost bewitching daydream to a tensing of sounds and senses. Thrilling.


Ak (Torn/Berne/Taborn/Rainey) New Age - Prezens ('07) Tim Berne/Craig Taborn/Tom Rainey