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TIM BERNE - alto saxophone | MARC DUCRET - guitar | TOM RAINEY - drums

You have to see them, live, to believe it. Some say that, if Jazz was an amusement park, Big Satan would be its roller coaster, its big thrill. Undeniably, incredibly, this saxophone-guitar-drums trio masters the art of collision, between composition and improvisation, between poise and alarm, between grey matter and instinct. They have an extraordinary inventiveness, and a devilish understanding, hence their name. A constant activation energy, high pressure improvisations going from one extreme to the other, from a long time of relaxation to a long time of detonation: three demons.




JEAN-PHILIPPE MOREL - guitar bass, electronics | PHILIPPE GLEIZES - volcanic drums

Guest : OTOMO YOSHIHIDE - guitar, turntable

They play helter-skelter. Driven by the impulse of things, bass and drums, ceiling to the floor, no stone left unturned. They build so can destroy, so they can rebuild. After all, any rhythm’s assignment is to keep time and measure out as much as to galvanize and dynamite. That’s how two relentless workers of mutant music – one devilish bass player and one frenzied drummer – set up a meeting with Otomo Yoshihide, great explorer of the Japanese scene. For, they consider that energy is made to be expended. It’s a matter of principle, of generosity.