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TONY MALABY. saxophones / BOB STEWART. tuba / CHRISTOPHER HOFFMAN. cello / JOHN HOLLENBECK. drums, percussions, prepared piano

Originating from Arizona, Tony Malaby has been a citizen of New York Babel in his own right for twenty years and he seems to be on every front, both sides of the Atlantic. However, to fully assess the singularity of his message, one has to discover him as a leader. Playing his melodies like fragrances, with brief breathes of saxophone, dressing up his soprano or tenor as a flute or oboe, Malaby invented that chameleon-quartet - using another center of gravity (without a double bass) - only to slide between the cello and drum's branches, under the tuba's dome. Saxophone-stick insect playing all the time among his partners. If you want to improvise, if you want a free-range Jazz, you need a sense of direction and disorientation. You can count on Tubacello to provide you with voluptuous accessories for a magic travel.


OLIVER LAKE ORGAN QUARTET "Play the Music of Jackie McLean and Eric Dolphy"

OLIVER LAKE. flute, alto saxophone / JARED GOLD. Hammond B-3 organ / JOSH EVANS. trumpet / CHRIS BECK. drums

Oliver Lake rips himself off. Post-bop gusts and spirals run from his saxophone, sliding, biting, and hectic, going from chirps to cuddles. He is part of the great brotherhood of the instantly recognizable jazzmen. Since he started, the altoist regularly comes back to his first loves, Jackie McLean and Eric Dolphy, but in different ways. For this new visit, this new detour, he chooses the famous B-3 Hammond organ based group with a bunch of young mercenaries who have buccaneered every den in the East Coast. Their Organ Quartet is an unsteady nucleus inside of which each member gets alternately the upper hand in a high-speed chase against groove and free rein.