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Saturday 25 January
Paris 14
Théâtre de la Cité internationale
17, boulevard Jourdan - 75014 Paris
+33 (0) 1 43 13 50 50

Metro line 4, stop Porte d’Orléans.
RER B, stop Cité Universitaire.
Tramway T3A, stop Cité Universitaire.


Demir Kerem Atay - electric saz, electronics, vocals | Tobias Kreusler - synths, keyboards | Onur Öztürk - drums, vocals

Turkish Psychedelica Night – could that be a pleonasm? It very well might, given how diverse a city Istanbul is. Literally bubbling with excitement – and tonight's line-up proves it. Tonight’s global sound system, laced with Elektro Hafiz's bouts of psych'n'roots shows that Turkish psychedelism packs a punch. And it's a delight, too. Demir Kerem Atay aka Elektro Hafiz, born and bred in Istanbul, belongs to trance and rhythmical spells the way blue mosaics belong to Saint-Sophia. His career path, with his remix dubs obsessions, is akin to that of his august predecessor Joe Strummer: politically committed, and keen to share everything. Hafiz mixes up different musical styles, displaying them like Turkish Delight in a Taksim shop. It's varied, sometimes conflicting, and perfectly yummy.

Elektro Hafiz - Günahkar Helvasi (Elektro Hafiz)


Osman Murat Ertel - electric saz, electronics, vocals | Mehmet Levent Akman - electronics, cymbals, wooden spoons | Ümit Adakale - percussions, darbuka | Periklis Tsoukalas - electric oud, vocals + DJ Mad Professor - turntables, electronics

Equally delightful: Baba ZuLa's dancefloor shamanic vibes. True legends of oriental dub – the four of them share a total 20 years of electronic music – have regularly sent a thrill down the banks of Bosphorus and elsewhere through their expert fusion of noise, electro, and traditional Turkish instruments, with a generous pinch of rebellion to top it all. Few bands know how to successfully merge wooden spoons and electronic patches, electrified saz and modified oud without setting off the strings-instruments establishment. Relentlessly indulging in futuristic imagery and 1960s get-ups, Baba ZuLa's concerts feature belly-dancers, outrageous costumes, and poetic scansion delivered with raised fists. Mischievous and hypnotic – yet never deceptive...

With the support of Onda - Office nationale de diffusion artistique

Baba Zula - Port Pass (Derin Derin)