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Thursday 21 February
8 pm
Théâtre Romain Rolland - Scène Jacques Lecoq
18, rue Eugène Varlin 94800 VILLEJUIF
+33 1 49 58 17 00

SUBWAY : line 7 - Villejuif-Paul Vaillant Couturier station
ROAD : Drive to Porte d’Italie, take N7 highway, head to Villejuif and then Villejuif Centre-Ville.


BEÑAT ACHIARY - vocals | MICHEL QUEUILLE - piano | NICOLAS NAGEOTTE - clarinet | JULEN ACHIARY - percussions, vocals | JORDI CASSAGNE - double-bass | PEDRO SOLER guitar

Garcia Lorca wrote A Poet in New York during a stay in the United States in 1929, a few years before his murder by a Francoist commando. Some years later, Beñat Achiary offers the fourth version of his tireless adaptations of the poem, based on traditional Basque music, flamenco and contemporary jazz. Traced with the surrealist brush and nourished by free verse, Lorca-the-meteor's fascinating stroll sees the intimate get in the way of the great History. Used to carving his way in the songs of men, Beñat Achiary takes the opportunity to question happiness in a society of justice, to bring out from the inaudible the dark richness of the Andalusian text, swung and heavily meaty.



DANYÈL WARO - vocals, kayanm | MICKAËL TALPOT - roulèr, vocals | GILLES LAURET - triangle, vocals | JEAN-DIDIER HOAREAU - kayanm, vocals | BINO WARO - sati | LAURENT DALLEAU - congas, vocals

What would obviously bring Danyèl Waro closer to the trajectory of jazz would be his condition as a mxed-breed and a free man. A man whose Creole language invents as much as it pays homage. The singer, poet and musician claims this sounding and stumbling mixed-breeding that is Maloya. “The right to one's language is the right to be someone, a “moun”, a people, a path.” A political and poetic path.

After having "stopped dreaming, politically speaking", the Reunionese poet now deals with matters that go beyond immediate political conflicts in terms of longevity. This son of a small farmer sows his seeds and songs in a sustainable ecosystem. “Perhaps this is where the sacred resides.” Danyèl has stopped fussing, and Waro continues to dream.

Famila Traditional - Monmon