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P.O.S with DJ Ander Other

P.O.S - vocals | ANDER OTHER - DJ

Also from Minneapolis, Minnesota, P.O.S. is the originator of the Doomtree hip hop collective that has helped expanding the musical scope of this city. A former Punk, Hardcore, and Grunge singer and guitarist, he is now involved in the alternative Rap movement, from the Rhymesayers record label to the AfroPunk Festival. P.O.S. is well known for polishing up his beats with innovative DJs and mysterious shadow guitar players. With his bitter but galvanizing mood, inspired by his realistic observation of everyday life, he has worked up an amazing formula: energy + beauty + rage + hope.


URSUS MINOR feat Crescent Moon Creation

TONY HYMAS - keyboards | GREGO SIMMONS - guitar | FRANÇOIS CORNELOUP - baritone and soprano saxophones STOKLEY WILLIAMS - drums, vocals

Guest : CRESCENT MOON - rap

This quartet, as they say in Jazz, or this band, as they say in Rock or Rap, celebrates fifteen years of a lifetime of liberating adventures with Crescent Moon as guest. This stunning rapper from Minneapolis has a flow based on nagging rhythms, finely polished poetic visions that transform into fascinating hallucinations… This is not the first time that Ursus Minor takes the byway; not the first time they gamble. Many guests from different backgrounds were already invited: jazz, folk, rock, rap, spoken word... borrowing from jazz its ability to create long-distance songs and unheard improvisations, largely revitalizing itself with the highly expressionist and energetic poles of Soul, Funk and Hip Hop.