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Jacques Schwarz-Bart, saxophone / Claude Saturne, percussions / Moonlight Benjamin, vocals

Voodoo and what it embodies – life’s most inexpressible dimension – has always attracted musicians of the African diaspora, from Miles Davis to Jimi Hendrix, from Lee Scratch Perry to D’Angelo… With this trio, Jacques Schwarz-Bart falls within the scope of the quest for pluralist identities and multiple dreams. For this Guadeloupian saxophonist, born in Les Abymes and son of two major writers who lead him to discover the fabulous Gwoka drums during night Lewos gatherings, music, first of all, is a spiritual inspiration that embraces and sets ablaze. Embracing so many African, West-Indies, Jazz, Soul and Funk influences. Setting ablaze the smuggler-spirits with his saxophone’s spiral chant, female singer Moonlight Benjamin’s ringing voice, and Claude Saturne’s rhythm-ridden percussive chant.

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